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Pigeons need to be controlled by licenced pest control experts.

It's extremely important to understand the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Wildlife and Countryside Act regarding your legal responsibilities if you are considering having bird proofing carried out on your property.

Commercial premises  - owners have a legal duty to ensure they have taken steps to reduce the risk of nesting pigeons close to the public.

Pigeon droppings is called Guano and in certain conditions a build up can be hazardous to health and can damage the lungs.

Pigeons also like to nest under solar panels so it is always best practive to have solar panels bird proofed to ensure they do not become suitable nesting areas.

Also, it is wise to check gutterings, facias and sofits for wear and tear as over time these areas may become access locations for birds to nest in your property. Once the nesting season starts, it is illegal to disrupt nesting birds in the home. Starlings like to nest in warm lofts and are protected by the Wildlife & Countryside Act so you need to ensure remedial work is carried out before the nesting season starts.

Bird proofing using the spiking method


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