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Bed bugs, fleas and mites

We are Specialists in fumigation, fog, mist and smoke treatments.

Smoke, mist and sprays with residual, are an effective treatment process for an infestation of bed bugs, fleas and bird mites that have made their way into your home. 


Bird mites - can make their way into bedrooms from nesting pigeons and can be transfered.

Bird proofing before the fleglings have left the nest will encourage bird mites to look for their food source elsewhere within the home. 

Bed bugs - are extremely difficult to erradicate as they can be brought into the home and transfered from room to room from a number of items incuding clothing and soft furnishings.

Fleas -  domestic pets can be treated for fleas, but once and infestation has established within the home, this needs to be dealt with separately. Treating the pets, will not irradicate and infesation that has already established.

Pigeon mites in the house feeding off human blood as a result of poorly proofed solar panels  on roof
Tiny mite tick trying to bite n suck in
Bedbugs on a bed mattress
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