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New Homes Construction Industry

The Construction Industry is an all encompassing industry of many sectors where most if not all, will at some point in the construction cycle require an element of pest control.


However, within the new homes side of this industry, rodent control is a primary issue for most new developments, but generally only calls in pest control when it becomes a reactive issue. This is when rodents have already established themselves on site and into the compound.

Poor hygiene isn't the 'cause' of rodent activity on site, but it will encourage further activity and infestation.

New developments will be prone to rodent activity due to the surrounding environment, nearby water courses and disturbances during groundworks. These three elements are the main cause of rodent activity on site.


Site hygiene will only help to increase or decrease their activity.

The best way to control activity on site is to incorporate a pest control plan at site set up.


This means we can monitor activity from the start of site and evolve the servicing according to any changes on site such as welfare and hygiene, new phases, compound relocation, additional pest issues such as plaster beetle, drain fly, cluster fly and other insects such as feral honey bees that haven't moved on after resting and wasps establishing nests.

Being on site at such an early stage means we are able to offer advice regarding effective pest control on site and the implications of reactive rather than proactive pest control for this sector of the construction industry.


We are also able to tackle any pest issue that may arise post occupation whilst the development is still in build.

Simply put, proactive is more cost effective than reactive and is one more Heath and Safety element taken care of.

Compound relocation on new build development
Evidence of rat activity in site compound
rodent damage in canteen on site compound
Site compound area
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