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As a professional and licenced pest control company, our aim is to help keep a balance and aid in the health and safety of the environment and those who reside in it - human and animal.

Wasps are good for our ecology as they too are polinators. However, wasps unlike bees, will also feed on decaying materials and as such increases the risk of the site of a sting becoming infected.

Wasps will also communicate with other wasps if they feel under threat so if you get stung by one wasp in the vacinity of a nest, you increase your chances of being stung multiple times. It is always best to call a professional pest controller to take care of a wasp nest in and around the home and places where their presence may cause more harm than good.


Keeping a balance means our priority with honey bees is to involve a professional bee keeper to carry out this work.


We much prefer a nest to be out with Mother Nature than under someones balcony, in the loft or somehere else that can make you feel anxious, particularly if someone in the home suffers from an allergic reaction to a sting.​

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Main Office Location: 1A Oxford Street, Coalville, Leicestershire LE67 3GS

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