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Antimicrobial and Antiviral Disinfection

Man wearing an NBC personal protective e

Specialists in ULV, fumigation, fog, mist and smoke treatments.

We provide a range of services for disinfection and localised sanitisation of commercial and business premises.


The transferable skills and competencies within our pest control division allow us to offer pressurised airbourne treatments for strategic, fast acting antimicrobial and antiviral disinfection of enveloped viruses.


Using the same methods, we can also treat 'at risk' areas for example, pharmacies, surgery waiting rooms and treatment rooms, walk-in centres, schools, nurseries, day care centres and nursing/care homes.

The most effective method of disinfection in terms of coverage and reduced down time after treatment is ULV. ULV methods of application are for professional use only. It allows for a space to be treated by an application that converts specialist disinfectant liquids into micro-fine droplets that fill a void and covers anything within that void including hard to reach surfaces in a matter of seconds, disinfecting a greater surface area, improving the protection of a deep clean process and in a fraction of the time spent using normal resource methods.


ULV can be confused with standard fogging applications. However the droplets of standard fogging machines are far greater than with ULV resulting in more product being used, increased risk of hard to reach areas being missed by the product and a greater downtime for the product to completely dry before re-entry. 


Wiping down surfaces means introducing a material that could be exposed to germs and microbes and therefore transfer them rendering the wiping technique more of a germ risk and more time consuming.


If your business needs to be up and running with as little down time as possible, our treatments can be done outside of working hours and in the shortest times possible.


Treatments are carried out by our technicians using specialist equipment and licenced products to ensure maximum effect whilst ensuring the safety of the public with equal care and attention.


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