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Coalville:  01530 812333

Derby:      01332 916990

Leicester: 0116 340 3990

Loughborough: 01509 403990

Measham:          01530 598990

Nottingham:      0115 882 8990

What sets us apart from the rest is our ability to customise our offering to customers’ needs, as well as our fantastic team of fully insured pest control specialists.​


Not only are we able to resolve pest issues, but we are able to identify and repair the poor or lack of property maintenance that may have facilitated the pest issue in the first place.

Our teams work in harmony offering a total control package for our clients from just one solution in either Pest Control, Property Disinfection or a package combining both.

No matter how unique or challenging your request is, you can count on us to provide the right solution for you.


Take a look at the services below and get in touch with us today.

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Licenced Commercial and Domestic

Pest Control, Removal, Prevention and Bird Proofing

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We want all of our customers to experience an impressive level of professionalism when working with our pest control company.


All of our services, especially pest control, exist to make your work and home life easier and stress-free.


You can trust us to provide you with the highest quality customer service. Get in touch for pest control and eradication prices and costs.



We provide a full range of services including:​

  • Wasp nest removal and relocation​

  • Vermin control and eradication

  • Bed bugs, mite and flea treatments

  • Cluster flies

  • Ants

  • Cockroach

  • Parasitical insects

  • Flying Insects including hornets

  • Rat eradication

  • Mouse / Mice removal

  • Garden Mole Control

  • Grey Squirrel control

  • Aircraft disinsection

  • Container fumigation​​


We provide an out of hours emergency response to one off treatments for domestic home properties by clicking the logo disc icon at the top of the website.


We also provide service agreements tailored to all business budgets from entry level to more comprehensive and specialist contracts such as fumigation and disinfection. Get in touch to learn more.

As a professional and licenced pest control company, our aim is to help keep a balance and aid in the health and safety of the environment and those who reside in it - human and animal.

Wasps are good for our ecology as they too are polinators. However, wasps unlike bees, will also feed on decaying materials and as such increases the risk of the site of a sting becoming infected.

Wasps will also communicate with other wasps if they feel under threat so if you get stung by one wasp in the vacinity of a nest, you increase your chances of being stung multiple times. It is always best to call a professional pest controller to take care of a wasp nest in and around the home and places where their presence may cause more harm than good.


Keeping a balance means our priority with honey bees is to involve a professional bee keeper to carry out this work.


We much prefer a nest to be out with Mother Nature than under someones balcony, in the loft or somehere else that can make you feel anxious, particularly if someone in the home suffers from an allergic reaction to a sting.​

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Home : Wasp Nest Removal

Rats and mice, as cute as some can be, are carriers of disease.


Good environmental hygiene is critical to reduce the risk of activity and control is recommended before infestation is given a chance to take place.


Rats are incontinent and may leave traces of urine over every surface they explore.

The presence of one, will most likely mean there are more and both mice and rats breed very quickly.

A wild brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) eat
Exterior house wall mouse squirrel roden
Rat near damaged furniture indoors. Pest
Home : Rat and Mice Control


Bed bugs, fleas and mites

We are Specialists in fumigation, fog, mist and smoke treatments.

Smoke, mist and sprays with residual, are an effective treatment process for an infestation of bed bugs, fleas and bird mites that have made their way into your home. 


Bird mites - can make their way into bedrooms from nesting pigeons and can be transfered.

Bird proofing before the fleglings have left the nest will encourage bird mites to look for their food source elsewhere within the home. 

Bed bugs - are extremely difficult to erradicate as they can be brought into the home and transfered from room to room from a number of items incuding clothing and soft furnishings.

Fleas -  domestic pets can be treated for fleas, but once and infestation has established within the home, this needs to be dealt with separately. Treating the pets, will not irradicate and infesation that has already established.

Tiny mite tick trying to bite n suck in
Bedbugs on a bed mattress.jpg
Home : Parasitical insects

Pigeons need to be controlled by licenced pest control experts.

It's extremely important to understand the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Wildlife and Countryside Act regarding your legal responsibilities if you are considering having bird proofing carried out on your property.

Commercial premises  - owners have a legal duty to ensure they have taken steps to reduce the risk of nesting pigeons close to the public.

Pigeon droppings is called Guano and in certain conditions a build up can be hazardous to health and can damage the lungs.

Pigeons also like to nest under solar panels so it is always best practive to have solar panels bird proofed to ensure they do not become suitable nesting areas.

Also, it is wise to check gutterings, facias and sofits for wear and tear as over time these areas may become access locations for birds to nest in your property. Once the nesting season starts, it is illegal to disrupt nesting birds in the home. Starlings like to nest in warm lofts and are protected by the Wildlife & Countryside Act so you need to ensure remedial work is carried out before the nesting season starts.

The wired bird protection is seen agains
Home : Bird Proofing


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